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XYY Syndrome Pictures

What is XYY Syndrome

XYY syndrome is a chromosomal disorder of the sex chromosome, wherein an additional copy of the Y chromosome is present. This is a condition that occurs only in the male population and is characterized by developmental delays and disabilities in learning, motor movements, emotional and behavioural difficulties.

XYY Syndrome Symptoms

There are not very many symptoms that are visible and clearly point to the presence of the XYY syndrome. However, based on the symptoms given below, a physician may be able to determine, whether an individual is afflicted with the XYY syndrome.

  • Most of the males with XYY syndrome have no physical abnormalities. They may be of normal weight and size at birth, but grow rapidly in childhood. Hence the men with XYY syndrome tend to be taller than the average male population.
  • They are not very muscular; especially the shoulder and chest muscles are not very evident.
  • Muscle movement and their coordination are lacking. Hence the individuals may have an awkward gait or posture and may walk clumsily.
  • Individuals with XYY syndrome may develop an extreme case of acne in their teens, which requires the immediate attention of a dermatologist.
  • Most of the individuals with XYY syndrome are fertile and have normal sex lives. However, in some cases, the hormone responsible for sperm production may have some defects resulting in decreased sperm count and production as well as infertility.
  • Males with XYY syndrome have normal intelligence but may be the intelligence may be lower than their siblings.
  • They have learning disabilities and delays in speech development. Also, they may not be able to process information or understand what is being said to them as fast as others of the same age.
  • Males with XYY syndrome are at an increased vulnerability for behavioural problems. Childhood may bring increased incidences of temper tantrums and hyperactivity. Adulthood may be characterized by behaviour that is high in impulsivity or poor impulse control and emotional immaturity. In some cases, they may be psychotic or overly aggressive.

XYY Syndrome Causes

  • XYY syndrome is causes by the presence of an extra copy of the Y chromosome in males. This is present from birth and the exact reasons for it are unknown.
  • The condition is not inheritable, but the instances of a ‘XXY’ father passing on the condition to a son are greater than in other cases.

Treatment for XYY syndrome

There is no cure for XYY syndrome. However the symptoms of XYY syndrome can be treated.

  • Physical and speech therapy may improve the muscle tone and speech.
  • Behavioural therapy will help in behaviour modification.
  • Prenatal testing can be done to determine whether the foetus is affected by the disorder, in case there is a high likelihood of that happening, like the father being an XYY syndrome candidate.

XYY Syndrome Pictures

xyy syndrome

Picture  1 :  XYY Syndrome (Y Chromosome)

Image source : wikipedia

xyy syndrome pictures


Picture 2 : XYY Syndrome Karyotype

Image source : powerofthegene.com

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