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Turner Syndrome Pictures

What is Turner Syndrome

Turner syndrome is a genetic condition wherein an X chromosome or a portion of the X chromosome is missing from the cells in the body. Sometimes, a cell may have both the pairs of X chromosome while others have no X chromosome.

This condition is prevalent only in females.

Turner Syndrome Symptoms

Some of the symptoms of Turner syndrome are as follows:

  • The ovaries do not perform the function of producing the sex hormones i.e. estrogen and progesterone, which usually begins at puberty. Hormone replacement therapy or hormone treatment is required by girls with turner syndrome in order to start their periods and develop secondary sex organs like breasts and pubic hair.
  • The womb and the vagina are normal inspite of non-functioning ovaries and infertility
  • Persistent and frequent ear infections are present in the early years of childhood. This may cause loss of hearing in certain cases.
  • Increased swelling of the hands and feet along with arms that may somewhat turn out at the elbow
  • Girls with Turner syndrome are shorter than normal or average in height. In the first few years the height is often normal, but the growth rate is slow after that. The regular spurt in puberty is not evident or absent.
  • Increased tendency for high blood pressure and diabetes in older women
  • Girls may have a low or an unclear hairline and a webbed or an especially wide neck.
  • The verbal skills as well as the reading skills are normal in girls with Turner syndrome along with normal intellectual ability. In certain cases, girls may have difficulties in memory skills, math and fine-motor movements.
  • Minor eye deficits that are corrected with prescription glasses
  • Nipples that are widely spaced in a broad chest.
  • A heart murmur
  • An underactive thyroid gland
  • Dryness of the vagina causing painful sexual intercourse.
  • Dry eyes with drooping eyelids

Turner Syndrome Causes

Turner syndrome is caused when an X chromosome or a part of the X chromosome is missing from the cells of the bodies

Treatment of Turner Syndrome

  • Growth hormone injections for correcting defects in growth
  • Estrogen and hormone replacement therapies at the time of puberty which is usually 12 or 13 years of age to begin periods as also to prevent osteoporosis
  • Surgery to correct heart murmur
  • An ENT specialist will treat the ear infections and other medications and monitoring for blood pressure and diabetes
  • Donor embryos in order to conceive children.

Support groups for Turner syndrome

For further information and assistance, please contact:

Turner Syndrome Society — www.turnersyndrome.org

Turner Syndrome Pictures


Turner's syndrome picturesPicture 1: Turners Syndrome signs and symptoms

Image source : © wikispaces.com

Turner s syndrome pictures

Picture 2 : Turner Syndrome karyotype

Image source : © glogster.com


Turner's syndrome photos lungs pancreasPhoto  3 :  Turner Syndrome associated conditions

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