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Slapped Cheek Syndrome Pictures

What is Slapped cheek syndrome ?

Slapped cheek syndrome is an illness caused by the erythrovirus and results in the developments of red rashes on the cheeks, legs and arms.

Slapped cheek Syndrome Symptoms

Some of the symptoms of slapped cheek syndrome are as follows:


  • A defining symptom of slapped cheek syndrome is the appearance of bright red cheeks, which may give the impression that both sides of the child’s face have been recently slapped.
  • On some occasions, the rash may spread to around the mouth or over the nose bridge
  • On some occasions children may develop a red and lacy rash on the rest of the body, the most common locations being the upper arms and legs. The rash is usually darker in the center of the body and fades away as it moves outwards. This gives the rash its lacy appearance.
  • Some rashes may last for many weeks but typically the rashes last for only two or three days.

Joint pains

  • Slapped cheek syndrome may cause self-limited arthritis in children and adults that includes pain in the joints.
  • There may also be painful swelling or inflammation of the joints.
  • Difficulty in bending the knees, walking and inflexibility of other joints such as shoulders, wrists, fingers and ankles.

Other symptoms

  • Slapped cheek syndrome in women who are in the first trimester of pregnancy may cause instant miscarriage
  • Infection in individuals with sickle-cell disease may increase the risk to an aplastic crisis
  • Temporary anemia, which may be considered as serious only if the patient has an existing anemic disorder or some immune system problems.
  • Fever

Slapped cheek syndrome Causes

Some of the causes of slapped cheek syndrome are as follows:

  • Slapped cheek syndrome is caused by the erythrovirus otherwise known as human parvovirus B19. Children and preschoolers may get infected especially during spring.
  • The disease is transmitted by the exchange of respiratory secretions like saliva, oral mucous, etc, through activities such as kissing, coughing, etc. It typically returns for up to 5 days.
  • The infection related rash may return for many weeks. The return of the rashes may be caused due to heat, sunlight, exercise, emotional stress or fever.

Slapped Cheek Syndrome Treatment

There is usually no treatment given for slapped cheek syndrome in children. Oral acetaminophen may be used to treat the symptoms of fever and joint pains.

Slapped Cheek Syndrome Pictures

Slapped cheek rash

Picture 1 : Slapped cheek rash in  Slapped Cheek Syndrome

Image source : © fifthdisease.org


Slapped cheek diseasePicture 2: Slapped cheek rash

Image source : © ADAM Inc


Slapped cheek  syndrome

Picture 3 :  Slapped cheek syndrome photo

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