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Proteus Syndrome Pictures

What is Proteus Syndrome

Proteus syndrome is an extremely rare condition which causes atypical or abnormal growth of the head, bones, skin and a number of other symptoms. Proteus syndrome is often leads to the development of tumors over nearly half the body.

Proteus Syndrome Symptoms

Individuals with Proteus syndrome are usually born without any defects that accompany the disorder. Some of the symptoms of Proteus syndrome are as follows:

  • Cranial or digital overgrowth, asymmetrical limbs should be present at birth. The overgrowth happens in both bone and soft tissue.
  • Hyperostosis of the external auditory canal
  • Seizures
  • Scoliosis accompanied with uneven vertebral growth.
  • Focal atrophy and uneven overgrowth can lead to a drawn-out thorax, wasting of upper arm muscles, an extremely slender neck, and thighs will have muscular hypertrophy
  • Scoliosis
  • The presence of cystic lung malformations and restrictive lung diseases may lead to shortness of breath, persistent and recurrent pneumonia and reduced tolerance levels for exercise.
  • In rare cases an individual may have kidney or bladder problems
  • Abnormal enlargement of the organs
  • Skin abnormalities include Lipomas or benign tumors that are present with lesions, vascular malformations, connective tissue nevi which affect the soles of the feet and other areas, patchy hyperpigmentation, etc
  • Difficulties in Learning and intellectual defects including mental retardation are present in individuals with Proteus syndrome
  • Facial features may include drooping upper eyelids, an upturned nose, a prominent back portion of the head and a long and narrow face.
  • Excess weight and the enlarged limbs may also result in arthritis and muscle pain
  • Enlarged limbs may result in difficulties in writing, holding objects, dressing, eating and to find comfortable footwear.

Proteus Syndrome Causes

The causes of Proteus syndrome are listed below:

  • Mutation of the AKT1 kinase in a gene that is in mosaic state causes the development of Proteus syndrome in individuals
  • In very rare cases the disorder may be passed from the parents to the child.

Proteus Syndrome Treatment

Treatment includes the following:

  • Medications are used to treat the various abnormalities that accompany Proteus syndrome.
  • Laser treatment may be used to remove cutaneous vascular malformations and markings
  • Surgical intervention to treat the abnormal growth and deformities.
  • A Dentist will treat the anomalies in the dental area.

Proteus Syndrome Pictures

Proteus syndrome images

Picture 1 : Proteus Syndrome Photo


Proteus syndrome

Picture 2 : Proteus Syndrome Image


Proteus syndrome macrodactyly

Picture 3 : X ray of Proteus Syndrome

Image source : radiographics.rsna.org


Proteus syndrome photos

Picture 4 : Person with Proteus Syndrome  ( pic )


Proteus syndrome legs

Picture  5 : Proteus Syndrome Photo showing feet

Image source : medscape.com

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