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Kawasaki Syndrome Pictures

What is Kawasaki Syndrome ?

Kawasaki syndrome ( also known as Kawasaki Disease) is a rare illness in children that is caused by the inflammation of the blood vessels.

Kawasaki Syndrome Symptoms

The symptoms of Kawasaki syndrome are listed below:

  • An unrelenting fever, with body temperatures as high as 105 degree F, that lasts for at least five continuous weeks is a classic symptom of Kawasaki syndrome.
  • The whites of the eyes are bloodshot red caused due to inflammation. The redness of the eyes are similar to conjunctivitis but without drainage or pus
  • The middle part of the body has rashes which are not like blisters
  • A strawberry like tongue or a white coating on the tongue or visible bumps at the back end of the tongue which are red in color
  • The lips are chapped, cracked and bright red in color
  • The oral mucous membranes are red in color
  • Increased swelling or inflammation of the hands and feet
  • The soles of the feet and the palms are red in color
  • Inflammation or increased swelling of the lymph nodes especially in the area around the neck. Also, there is a tendency for only one lymph node to be swollen.
  • Increased Irritability
  • There is peeling of the skin on the hands and the feet mainly around the soles, palms and nails. The genital area is also affected by skin peeling.
  • Gastrointestinal abnormalities like vomiting, diarrhea and pain in the abdomen
  • A runny nose usually accompanied with cough
  • Frequent swelling and pain in the joints on either side of the body.

Kawasaki Syndrome Causes

There is not much that is known about the causes of Kawasaki syndrome disease.

  • Toxins and microorganisms may cause the disease but none have been found or identified till now.
  • The immune system and genetic factors may be responsible for causing Kawasaki syndrome as well but it has not been proved as yet.

Kawasaki Syndrome Treatment

  • Instant hospitalization is required for children with Kawasaki disease.
  • The treatment involves high doses of aspirin or salicylic acid to mildly dilate blood and prevent clot formation as well as to reduce inflammation.
  • In addition, gamma globulin intravenously administered along with fluids.
  • Anti-inflammatory medications are used to treat persistent pain in the joints.

Kawasaki Syndrome Pictures


Kawasaki syndrome symptoms

Picture 1 : Kawasaki Syndrome Photo

Image source: © treesd.com


Kawasaki syndrome pictures


Picture 2  : Red eyes, dry cracked lips, red tongue –  Kawasaki disease Photo



Kawasaki syndrome

Picture 3 : Kawasaki Syndrome symptoms Photo


Kawasaki syndrome picture rash

Picture 4 : Rash and Irritation over face in Kawasaki disease

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