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Fragile X Syndrome Pictures

What is Fragile X Syndrome

Fragile X syndrome is the most common, heritable and genetic disorder in males. It causes intellectual abnormalities including mental retardation. It is caused due to some changes in the X chromosome. Females may also develop the disorder, but they are less vulnerable because of the presence of two X chromosome in them.

Fragile X syndrome is caused due to a change in the gene FMR1. This gene is responsible for the normal development and growth of the brain. This function is affected in individuals with fragile X syndrome, due to the replication of a part of the gene code in the fragile area of X chromosome.

Fragile X Syndrome Symptoms

  • Some of the symptoms of fragile X syndrome are as follows:
  • Intellectual and learning disabilities including mental retardation
  • Speech and language disabilities and problems in self-expression.
  • Increased rate of speech or rambling
  • Increased sensitivity to certain sensations and autism-like behaviors.
  • Higher incidence-rate of other disorders like ADHD, seizures, dislocation of joints, etc.

Physical features

  • Many infants and young children with Fragile X have no distinctive physical features. Some children have
  • As children, some individuals may have very soft and velvety skin, a prominent forehead and /or a little larger head. These abnormalities go away after adolescence.
  • Individual tend to be shorter in comparison to family members
  • Many males grow enlarged testicles. However, it does not affect sexual development and is not caused due to hormonal imbalance.
  • Weakened connective tissues cause loose and flexible joints. In addition, the feet may be flat and the joints like the knee, thumb, and elbow can be extended further than normal.
  • Increased predisposition to conditions like hernia and frequent middle ear infections.
  • Heart defects causing a heart murmur
  • At a later stage in life, males may have difficulty walking and may develop hand tremors.

Social and Emotional features

  • Increased social anxiety and discomfort in associating with new people or situations and doing new activities.
  • Tendency to get easily upset and rigidity of routine
  • Temper tantrums and compulsive acts like biting oneself and repetitively rocking back and forth.
  • Hormonal changes may give rise to extreme rage outbursts and increased aggression

Fragile X Syndrome Causes

As mentioned above, fragile X syndrome is caused due to abnormalities in the X chromosome.

Fragile X Syndrome Treatment

Fragile X syndrome has no cure. However the various symptoms can be treated with relevant medications and psychotherapies for behaviour medication and inculcation of skills.

Support Groups for fragile X Syndrome

National Fragile X Foundation — www.nfxf.org

Fragile X Syndrome Pictures

Fragile x syndrome pictures

Picture 1 : Difference between Normal and Fragile X Syndrome

Image source: med.unsw.edu.au


Fragile x syndrome photos

Picture 2 : Fragile X Syndrome Chromosome

Image source: wikispaces.com


Fragile x syndrome pedigree chart image

Picture 3 : Fragile X Syndrome Pedigree

Image source: glogster.com


Fragile x syndrome picture

Picture 4 : Photos of People with Fragile X Syndrome

Image source: findmeacure.com

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