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Edwards Syndrome Pictures

What is Edwards Syndrome

Edwards syndrome is a genetic disorder characterized by the presence of an additional copy of chromosome 18 instead of just a pair. It is also known as trisomy 18.

The rate of prevalence increases with the increase in the maternal age and is found in 1 out of every three thousand live births. Edwards syndrome is a very serious and life-threatening disorder due to the abnormalities of heart, the kidneys and other organs that are caused by it.

Edwards Syndrome Symptoms

Some of the symptoms of Edwards syndrome are as follows:

  • Clenched hands with overlapping fingers. The fifth finger lies on top of the fourth finger while the third finger is overlapped by the index finger.
  • Malformations of the kidneys+
  • Anomalies in the brain and nervous system
  • Defects in the structure of the heart
  • The intestines may jut outside the body
  • Intellectual deficits including mental retardation.
  • Delays in development and growth
  • Feeding problems
  • Respiratory problems like breathing difficulties
  • A disorder of the muscle that leads to several joint contractures.
  • A small head with a prominent rear end.
  • Malformed and low-set ears
  • An unusually small jaw.
  • An overturned nose, cleft palate or cleft lip
  • Wide- set eyes, eyelid folds that are narrow and upper eyelid drooping
  • The breast bone is shorter than normal
  • Underdeveloped nails and or thumbs
  • Men have clubbed feet or feet with a round bottom
  • Undescended testicles
  • Children may have a small pelvis, less weight and discomfort in the bowels.

Edwards Syndrome Causes

Edwards syndrome is caused by the presence of an extra copy of chromosome 18.
A High maternal age increases the risk for developing Edwards syndrome
If parents have a child with the disorder, then it essential for the parents to get tested before trying for another child.

Edwards Syndrome Treatment

Treatment for Edwards syndrome is on an individual case basis. The treatment involves alleviating the conditions and symptoms associated with Edwards syndrome.

Support Groups for Edwards Syndrome

  • Support Organization for Trisomy 18, 13 and Related Disorders (SOFT) – www.trisomy.org
  • Trisomy 18 Foundation – www.trisomy18.org

Edwards Syndrome Pictures

Edward syndrome photo

Picture 1 : Edward Syndrome




Edward syndrome

Picture 2 : Edwards Syndrome Features

Image source :  Lucina Foundation


Edward syndrome signs symptoms

Picture : Edwards Syndrome in a baby

Image source : mun.ca


Edward syndrome photos

Picture : Edwards Syndrome photo

Image source : wikispaces.com


Edward syndrome picturesPicture : Photo of Simian Crease in Edwards Syndrome

Image source : ADAM Inc

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